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News | Oct. 20, 2021

A Methodology for Evaluating Chinese Academic Publications

By Joel Wuthnow, Elliot Shuwei Ji, and Maj. Oscar Gilroy Research Memo

Research MemoNDU’s Center for the Study of Chinese Military Affairs (CSCMA), part of the Institute of National Strategic Studies, has published a methodology for evaluating the policy relevance of publications by Chinese scholars. “A Methodology for Evaluating Chinese Academic Publications,” written by CSCMA Senior Research Fellow Dr. Joel Wuthnow and research interns Elliot Shuwei Ju and MAJ Oscar Gilroy, presents a methodology for collecting and prioritizing materials by Chinese scholars with observable policy influence. Publications by Chinese academics and think tank analysts will be an increasingly important means of evaluating Chinese strategic perspectives as direct access to mainland scholars declines. The methodology presented in the research memo seeks to increase confidence that analysts are dealing with publications by those who matter, and to ensure that collection takes place in a transparent and consistent manner.

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