The Institute for National Strategic Studies serves as a focal point for analysis of critical national security policy and defense strategy issues.


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Center for Strategic Research

Lisa Aronsson Research Fellow, CSR
Kim Cragin Director and Distinguished Research Fellow, CSR
Joseph "Joe" Funderburke Senior Military Fellow, CSR
T.X. Hammes Distinguished Research Fellow, CSR
Francis G. Hoffman Distinguished Research Fellow, CSR
Jaclyn Kerr Senior Research Fellow, CSR
Bryce Loidolt Senior Research Fellow, CSR
Thomas F. Lynch III Distinguished Research Fellow, CSR
Jeffrey Mankoff Distinguished Research Fellow, CSR
Todd Pennington Senior Research Fellow, CSR
Mahsa Rouhi Research Fellow, CSR
Brett Swaney Assistant Research Fellow, INSS

Center for the Study of Chinese Military Affairs

Phillip C. Saunders Director, CSCMA
Andrew Taffer Research Fellow, CSCMA
Joel Wuthnow Senior Research Fellow, CSCMA

Center for the Study of Weapons of Mass Destruction

Justin Anderson Senior Fellow, CSWMD
Chris Andrews Policy Fellow, CSWMD
Paul I. Bernstein Distinguished Fellow, CSWMD
Paul David-Justus Assistant Research Fellow, CSWMD
Diane DiEuliis Asst. Director and Distinguished Research Fellow, CSWMD
Gerald Epstein Distinguished Fellow, CSWMD
Sarah Gamberini Senior Policy Fellow, CSWMD
Brendan G. Melley Director, CSWMD
Amanda Moodie Policy Fellow, CSWMD
Melody Smith Chief of Staff, CSWMD
Patrick Terrell Deputy Director, CSWMD

NDU Press

William T. Eliason Director, NDU Press
Michael Miklaucic Senior Fellow, INSS-NDU Press