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News | March 1, 2018

Technology and National Security: The United States at a Critical Crossroads

By James Kadtke and John Wharton Defense Horizons 84

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Defense Horizons 84

Key Points

  • Rapid globalization of science and technology (S&T) capacity presents a serious and long-term risk to the military and economic security of the United States. 
  • To maintain U.S. preeminence, our domestic science and technology enterprise requires a new paradigm to make it more agile, synchronized, and globally engaged. 
  • U.S. technological competitiveness depends not only on research but also on legal, economic, regulatory, ethical, moral, and social frameworks, and therefore requires the vision and cooperation of our political, corporate, and civil society leadership. 
  • Re-organizing our domestic S&T enterprise will be a complex task, but recommendations presented in this paper could be first steps on the path to maintaining our future technological security.