Bryce Loidolt

Senior Research Fellow, CSR

Areas of Expertise: Terrorism; Counter-terrorism; Irregular & Hybrid Warfare; Middle East Security

Dr. Bryce Loidolt is a Senior Research Fellow at National Defense University's Institute for National Strategic Studies. Prior to joining NDU, he was a Defense Analyst at the RAND Corporation. Dr. Loidolt’s current research draws on statistical, archival, Arabic language, and interview-based methods to examine the instruments and dynamics of interstate competition, counterterrorism, and irregular and hybrid warfare. He has deployed twice to provide research support to Special Operations Forces in Afghanistan and has conducted field research in Egypt, Yemen, and the United Arab Emirates. Dr. Loidolt's work has been published or is forthcoming as RAND Corporation and NDU Press monographs, War on the Rocks, West Point's CTC Sentinel, the Modern War Institute’s War Room, and in scholarly journals such as Texas National Security Review, Studies in Conflict and Terrorism, and Terrorism and Political Violence.

A Southern California native, Dr. Loidolt received his B.A. in Middle East Studies from Middlebury College, his M.A. in Political Science from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and his Ph.D. in Political Science from the George Washington University, where he held the Rumsfeld Fellowship from 2015-2017.

Dr. Loidolt is a Term Member at the Council on Foreign Relations.

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