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Countering WMD


Countering Weapons of Mass Destruction: Looking Back, Looking Ahead October 1, 2009 — This Occasional Paper traces the general evolution of the countering WMD enterprise in the Clinton and Bush administrations and anticipates some of the major WMD challenges that lie ahead. MORE

International Partnerships to Combat Weapons of Mass Destruction May 1, 2008 — This Occasional Paper examines the role, manifestations, and challenges of international cooperation to combat the weapons of mass destruction threat and poses important questions for future leaders to address in moving international cooperation forward in this area. MORE

Iraq and After: Taking the Right Lessons for Combating Weapons of Mass Destruction May 1, 2005 — This paper primarily focuses on Iraq; however, it also seeks to draw lessons from experiences in libya and Iran to understand better how proliferators think about WMD; the challenges in assessing the status and sophistication of developing world WMD programs; the contours of the emerging international proliferation landscape; and the efficacy of various policy instruments available to the United States for dealing with these so-called ultimate weapons. MORE