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News | June 29, 2020

NDU Korea Futures 2025 Symposium

By Center for the Study of Chinese Military Affairs Event Report

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NDU Korea Futures 2025 Symposium
NDU Korea Futures 2025 Symposium
NDU Korea Futures 2025 Symposium
Photo By: NDU
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National Defense University’s Institute for National Strategic Studies has now released a public report from its February 2020 “Korea Futures 2025” symposium. The event brought together leading government and non-government experts to discuss the Korean Peninsula over the next five years. The objective was to explore the implications and consequences of differing Korean futures for the United States and the countries of Northeast Asia. The report summarizes the discussions and presents key findings that explore critical issues of denuclearization, inter-Korean relations, the national interests of regional countries, and international reactions to a possible dramatic loss of control by the North Korean regime. No symposium can precisely predict the future, but the report’s scenarios and findings will be helpful for scholars, analysts, and policymakers to broaden their perspectives on what might happen on the peninsula and to recognize signs that change is moving in a particular direction.

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