News | May 27, 2021

Industrial Policy Debate

By Dr. Robert Atkinson and John Thornhill INSS Speaker Series


The concept of industrial policy has been neuralgic in the UnitedStates for quite some time. In recent years economic orthodoxy—along with many Americans and a substantial majority of members of Congress—has argued that” the market” is the best mechanism to spur innovation. Our strategic competitors—China in particular—uses state subsidies, restrictive and unfair trade practices, intellectual property theft, and abundant state research resources to catalyze technological innovation, and are threatening American security and economic interests. America has not always been adverse to industrial policy, and some are arguing for a new approach to industrial and innovation policy.

Speaker Bios

Industrial Policy Debate
Industrial Policy Debate
Industrial Policy Debate with Dr. Robert Atkinson and John Thornhil
Photo By: NDU Press
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  • Dr. Robert Atkinson, President, Information, Technology and Innovation Foundation
  • John Thornhill, Innovation Editor at the Financial Times