News | May 18, 2021

The United States, China, and Russia: An Innovation Net Assessment

By A Panel of Experts INSS Speak Series


U.S. strategy for global competition and cooperation in innovation cannot be charted without considering innovation in China and Russia, as well as the relationships between these three actors. Here, we bring together world-leading experts to examine each of these three innovators—the U.S., Russia, and China—and to place them in context. The U.S. faces a global challenge with capable competitors that is both a marathon and a sprint, and U.S. strategy must mitigate its (inevitable) relative weaknesses and harness its (significant) relative strengths.

Panelists include:

  • Dr. James Mulvenon, Director, Intelligence Integration, Intelligence Solutions Group
  • Dr. Robert Atkinson, President, Information Technology and Innovation Foundation
  • Dr. Walter Hudson, COL, US Army (Ret.); Associate Professor, Eisenhower School, National Defense University; Global Fellow, Wilson Center
  • Dr. Loren Graham, Professor Emeritus of the History of Science, Massachusetts Institute of Technology & Harvard University