On July 8, 2024, INSS Director Dr. Denise Natali hosted a roundtable discussion at NDU with the President of Latvia, Edgars Rinkēvičs and NDU senior leaders and faculty.
On May 24, 2024, INSS Director Dr. Denise Natali meets with senior officials and research faculty at Japan’s National Institute for Defense Analysis (NIDS) in Toyko.
There is an ongoing debate in the US military establishment about the changing character of war. Officially, we acknowledge the need for significant change over continuity, yet very few agree on the details.
Maneuver warfare is a fraud, and maneuver as a warfighting function is dead. At least, that is what some scholars and military analysts claim. We disagree.

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Featured Experts

Distinguished Research Fellow, CSR / Director, CSCMA
Phillip C. Saunders
Director, CSCMA
Areas of Expertise:  China; Asia and the Pacific; International Political Economy; Deterrence;

Distinguished Research Fellow, CSR
Thomas F. Lynch III
Distinguished Research Fellow, CSR

Asia and the Indo-Pacific (South and Central Asia); Middle East and North Africa (Gulf Arab States); Great Power Competition (GPC); Counter-terrorism

Jaclyn A. Kerr
Jaclyn Kerr
Senior Research Fellow, CSR

Defense and Technology Futures, Digital and Emerging Technologies

T.X. Hammes, Distinguished Research Fellow, CSR
T.X. Hammes
Distinguished Research Fellow, CSR

Future Strategic Concepts; Humanitarian Assistance & Disaster Relief; Insurgency/Irregular Warfare

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